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19 Jul 2017

How To Decorate A Child's Room On A Budget


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Posted By Joshua E.

If you want to decorate your child's room, you do not need to spend tons of money. Your child will love the ways that you can decorate their room simply, especially if you let them help. Having your child help you decorate is a wonderful way to let your child display his or her creative talents; they will also have a lot of pride when they see how great things turn out. Here are some inspirational ideas that you can use if you are seeking to revamp your child's room.

Pick a Theme

One great idea is to choose a theme for the bedroom. This can be based on a beloved hobby or activity, or an animal, or even a cartoon character. When you decorate your child's room with a theme, you will be quite happy with the results. The theme can help to make it easier to choose all of the decorations, since you already have some guidance. Just be careful not to go overboard in reference to the theme. Whatever is chosen as the theme, don't get too many themed accessories. Remember, less is more. Pick just a few accessories that you really like; perhaps a couple of window toppers, a bedspread printed with the theme picture, and a couple of other room accessories. Beyond that, choose other accessories that have colors that match the theme colors. This will go a long way in keeping the room from looking too busy, and it will also help you on the saving money end of things. Your older children probably won't want a theme, but will like to choose a couple of their favorite colors to use for decorating.

Interesting Wall Accessories

No room is complete without a few fun wall accessories. Some wall accessories can even be functional as well as decorative, such as cute wall shelf or a hook rack painted in bright colors. Using picture frames to display posters, artwork created by your child, or photos that they are fond of can also be an economical way of decorating a child's room. Wall decals, stencils and painting designs on the wall in a freehand fashion can all add a decorative look without spending much money. Painting one wall with black chalkboard paint can also be a fun way of creating a large art area for your child to enjoy. Once the wall has been painted and has dried, simply give your child a big box of colored chalk, and let them decorate the wall themselves.

Hobbies as Room Decor

If your child has a favorite hobby or collection, why not use it as the inspiration for decorating their room? Not only can this decorating method be a lot of fun, but it is also a good way to get hobbies and collections out of drawers and displayed where they can be viewed and enjoyed. For example, if your child collects sports cards, you can arrange them in picture frames to use as a wall decoration. Or, a collection of favorite stuffed animals can be displayed on a wall shelf, instead of remaining hidden in the toy box.


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